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Our restaurant is one of the most charming destinations for a unique culinary experience in the beautiful city of Lindos. Our tasting proposals combine fresh, local ingredients with cooking techniques that highlight the flavors and perfumes of our dishes. Regardless of your preferences, you will find something to excite you in our menu.

From traditional Greek recipes with a modern twist to creative interpretations of international cuisines, our range of dishes satisfies the most demanding palates.



Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine stands as one of the most beloved destinations for those seeking flavorful delights and healthy eating, combining the finest natural ingredients from the land and sea to create tastes that are a true palate pleasure.

Our restaurant provides a welcoming space where patrons can savor authentic flavors, traditional dishes, and exquisite recipes. Our Mediterranean cuisine centers around the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients such as olive oil, fresh vegetables, fish, and seafood, imparting a unique character and flavor to our dishes.
Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is not distinct from Mediterranean cuisine, as it falls within the same countries. Νevertheless, in our restaurant, you will discover traditional and contemporary Greek recipes that will captivate you.

Greek cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors and the authentic ingredients it employs. From Mediterranean recipes to traditional tastes, Greek cuisine offers a diverse range of culinary pleasures.

Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine is an exciting blend of different traditions and culinary cultures, creating unique flavors. In our restaurant, various cuisines from different regions of the world come together, with our chefs combining traditional recipes with modern techniques.

The flavors we offer provide an exhilarating experience for adventure and gastronomy enthusiasts alike. As taste ingredients and spices from various cuisines intertwine, dishes with innovative combinations of flavors and aromas are born.

Vegan Options

For those who choose not to include meat in their diet, we offer a refined vegan cuisine with a rich array of flavorful options that demonstrate how the absence of animal products does not compromise the enjoyment of taste.





Regardless of the time of day, you will find dishes that will satisfy your preferences, from morning to late night. Our variety of dishes caters for all tastes, including meat, seafood and even vegan options.





With honey and tarragon sauce


Pork fillet with plums cooked in wine



















At our restaurant, Medeast, or call us to provide you with our services. Our specialized staff will ensure to offer you an exceptional level of service and meet all your needs.

We are confident that you will leave with pleasant memories.